The Photographers

The photos of the camp are at the very core of our project. We would like to take a moment and introduce who we are.


I am a 21 years old man from Hazara, Afghanistan, living in Moria Camp for one year already. I am teaching English to the children in Moria. My dream is to become a photographer or a pilot.


I’m a 28 years old man from Syria, living in Moria Camp with my two daughters and pregnant wife. I would like to become an engineer.


I am a 23 years old man from Afghanistan, living in Moria Camp for one year and five months. Since I arrived in Moria I acted as a volunteer. I had my asylum seeker interview in December 2019 and got a negative first result. In March of 2020 I appealed again. Now I’m waiting for my second result.

The Posters

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